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EVENT: Urban Dare Groupon

There is a cottage industry of odd Amazing Race type events that has sprouted up in burgs large and small the past few years.  On September 29, Boton's iteration promises the chance to zipline through the city, roll around in mud, eat stuff from the sewer, etc.:

The Urban Dare Adventure Race is a fast-paced competition that challenges two-person teams to decipher clues, navigate the city, and perform playful stunts. Combining the bustle of a track meet with the brain-taxing sleuth work of a luge competition, the race uses a dozen trivia-based clues to lead contestants to checkpoints all over their sprawling metropolis. Location hunters reach their checkpoints by whatever means necessary, be it hopping a bus downtown, flying madly through a network of secret ziplines, or scuba-diving in a fountain for bus fare. At the mini destinations, racers must use a camera to document their presence or, in some cases, get their passports stamped after completing challenges that may include a climbing wall or a puzzle.
Groupon Boston Offer - $45.

This is worth doing.  At best, you will break out of your usual recreational routine and discover new things about your city . . . and your soul.  At worst, you will receive an invaluable reminder of Fordist awfulness and, well, get to see the slice of humanity who is out and about doing these things, like speed dating.

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